Resolution comments from WIVP 7.6.2015

  1. We note the current crisis of leadership in the working class and among the capitalist class; the capitalist class in Greece are using the United Front through Syriza, to control the masses. Syriza has deviated from the Marxist conception that a workers United Front must expose capitalist parliament and not carry out the plans of imperialism capitalism. (see our article on Greece in the Spark of May 2015.
  2. Greece, South Africa and the whole world experience confirms that Socalism will never come through parliament  but through revolutionary mass action outside and against it. This is our conception of the workers’ United Front. It must be a front that is centrally based on uniting the masses in action and not parliamentary elections.
  3. We are not in principle opposed to parliamentary participation but its sole objective should be to expose parliament as a total lackey of monopoly capital;
  4. We support the conception that working class Political organizations that are anti-capitalist can join the United front and that the United front cannot force its political orientation onto any of its component organizations. Decisions of the United Front are purely around uniting in action against the capitalist class and its lackeys.
  5. We propose that the central campaign of the workers’ United Front should be mass action for the expropriation of monopoly capital, without compensation to the capitalists and for workers’ control. An important part of the campaign is for workers’ committees of action to be formed at every workplace and area that unites workers’ irrespective of union or political affiliation. It follows that tactics of inviting workers irrespective if they are Cosatu, nactu, independent, Sacp, or whatever affiliation, the focus is on building unity in action and through action exposing the treacherous leaderships that have control over the masses.
  6. A central part of the workers committees in these campaigns should be the setting up of workers’ self defence that are accountable to them. There should also be a campaign to win the base of the army to be sympathetic to the mass action programmes of the workers United Front
  7. We reject any notion of adoption of the Freedom Charter as it is a multiclass document, the ‘people’ includes the very capitalists and upper middle class that are currently in power and exploiting the masses. Numsa long ago adopted a programme for a Workers Charter, which should form a starting point.
  8. We reject any notion of a ‘national democratic revolution’: Socialism is international not national. Life itself has shown the correctness of Lenin and Trotsky in this regard, both having never supported any notion or form of ‘national democratic revolution’. In fact this term and idea hails from the Stalin era of the Communist movement and should be rejected. The central question is which class will take the democratic demands to the end? The past 21 years has shown in SA that the black middle class and black capitalist class has vested interest in the status quo and will turn against the masses in every important struggle. If we ignore this we ignore the bloody lessons of the Marikana massacre and other massacres by the ANC-SACP regime. Only the working class in power can take the democratic demands to the very end. For this we need a workers government, which will only come about through the action of the masses, not through parliament.
  9. We support the struggle for reforms too but they are supporting to our central campaign, for Socialism. Thus we need to reach out to the working class across Africa and in the imperialist centres and the rest of the world. Our common fight is for Socialism. SA is but part of the world international working class forces for Socialism.
  10. Any United Front deputy elected must only earn the average wage of a skilled worker, and be subject to instant recall of the masses. Any deputy must place support of the masses above any parliamentary action.
  11. We also call for the United Front to take up the campaign for the freedom for the Boiketlong 4 and any other political prisoners of the working class movement.

Workers International Vanguard Party

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