We publish here an urgent call from a Syrian Marxist revolutionary. It must be noted that US imperialism is launching attackswith B52 bombers on the rebels in Idlib, killing hundreds of fighters in recent weeks. At the same time the Russian jets are also bombing the rebel masses in Idlib. Despite all rhetoric to the contrary, Russia and US imperialism are in alliance with Assad against the Syrian revolutionary masses. This is what the Trump-era has meant, bringing the partially hidden alliance out in the open. Turkish control of the leadership of many of the islamic rebel militia leaders means that US imperialism is behind the instigating of this infighting- it is part of an attempt to finally destroy and disarm all revolutionary forces in Syria. 

Here is the appeal:

Comments on the clashes between FSA and JFS in Idlib There are ongoing clashes in Idlib, a province in rebel hands, between different factions of FSA and Jabhat al Fatah al Sham (former Al Nusra) for controlling the territory. It is a tragedy for the Syrian revolution. Gathered together with representatives of Bashar, Putin and Erdogan in Kazakhstan, the FSA generals want to gain credits to be, together with the fascist Al Assad generals, part of the transition imposed with cemetery peace on the Syrian people. The businessmen of JFS want to enter to this transition. What is the result? A fratricide war among the forces that are confronting Bashar. It is more than clear that in order to keep their business deals, the bourgeois generals of FSA and JFS left Alepo served for the forces of the regime, and now, in order to see who keeps the crumbs of Astana conference, they are taken the rebel forces to a cruel fratricide confrontation. The workers, the subjugated people in Idlib, the one that defeated Bashar in Khantoman has taken to the streets in cities and villages crying the weapons are to defeat Bashar in Damascus, to get back to Alepo! There are enough weapons. But all of them hid them when the fight was to break the siege on Alepo against Al Assad and now they are using them for collecting crumbs falling from the table of negotiations in Kazakhstan. Enough is enough! The bourgeois generals and the millionaires should be removed from the resistance! They defend their business deals at the expense of making the resistance fight each other in fratricide combats. Let the revolution return to the people… the oppressed that died for her… for bread and freedom. Open the road for rebels, workers and refugees! Every general of the FSA that went to Kazakhstan to sell out the revolution to Bashar, Putin and Turkey should leave the resistance! Let’s have a conference of delegates, voted 1 each 10 thousand Syrian in the refugee camps, the militias, the workers and poor peasants. For a National Assembly of the Syrian resistance to coordinate the war to defeat Al Assad who made genocide! NATO, Turkey, Russia and Al Assad criminal government hands off Syria! All the economy and resources should go to win the war! All the production and the banks should be placed under workers control to confront starvation, a cold winter… and to arm the masses and re-take the revolutionary counteroffensive. The enemy is in Damascus! The US plan is clear: let everybody kill each other, so that later they will come and keep everything for themselves. This is how they want to annihilate the revolutions that from Tunisia to Damascus rose in 2011. The powers want to rebuild the control mechanisms that fell before the tormented masses of Middle East, who put the imperialist power in the region into question. This is the evil peace plan of USA, Russia and Turkey. The native bourgeois fractions are in dispute for the leftovers of the share of the loot in the chastised Syria. Only a revolutionary Syria of workers and peasants can stop the barbarism that gets deeper with the victory against Bashar the dog in Alepo. The curtains are removed. The masks of the murderers that killed the Syrian people fall. The masks of those who sold out the blood of the martyrs from inside the revolution itself also fall. The worst enemy is that from inside. The one from outside, everyone knows it. The revolutionary socialists of Syria, patiently call for: 1) Let all the generals and bourgeois factions of the FSA that went to Kazakhstan to be disregarded, discharged and disarmed for high treason to the Syrian revolution and the martyrs. 2) Cease the hostilities among all the factions that confront Bashar. 3) Centralize all the weapons and economy of Syria for the people to eat and have shelter from cold, under the control of a National Syrian Assembly, elected by the direct vote of the people, the refugees and the rebels in each village, city and province that is freed from the occupational forces of Bashar. 4) Out with Turkey, NATO, Russia, USA and Iran from Syria. 5) All the solidarity with the rebel Syria. Out with the murderer and genocidal Bashar… and those generals from the FSA and JFS that sold out the Syrian revolution. The revolution is from the oppressed, the ones from the below… it has to return to their hands! No rebel should fire against a brother… ever! The guns are to defeat Bashar!

Abu Muadz