The activists Dinah Makheta, Sipho Mangane, Dan Molefe and Pulane Mahlangu are political prisoners of the capitalist state. We demand their immediate release. We call for all working class organizations to take up this

call to campaign for the over-turning of their sentences,for an end to the criminalisation of protest and for the arrest of the bosses of Anglo American, Lonmin and other mining giants that have stolen hundreds of billions over the years that could have been used for decent housing for all, jobs for all, free, quality health care for all, free, quality education for all and all the needs of the entire masses. More than 63% of deaths of children are caused by hunger. Hundreds of thousands of people are dying from diseases of poverty. Millions are crowded into small dwellings and shacks. More than half the youth that start school drop out before matric because of poverty conditions. Our pensioners are starving; this year they received only a 4% ‘increase’, which is a cut in real terms. Meanwhile Anglo American and other mining giants not only take hundreds of billions of Rands of profits out of the country and the region, they also do not pay the taxes that they should.

The government turns a blind eye to this theft while targeting activists who lead the struggles of the masses. Cde Dinah has a 12 year-old boy and a 83 year old granny who is blind. Cde Sipho has 1 child; cde Dan has 3 children;

Cde Pulane cannot care for her family as she is regarded as a prisoner-on-the-run. Free Dinah Makheta, Sipho Mangane, Dan Molefe, Pulane Mahlangu and other political prisoners! Workers should

mobilise committees, at all mines and other workplaces. Forward to workers’ control over the means of production! Arrest the mining bosses and the corrupt police and political leaders responsible for the Marikana and other

massacres! The police are the executive arm of the big bosses. They are not there to protect the masses. Theyprotect thieving big bosses.A legal fund has been set up to help pay for the costs of the appeal process. Please contribute to

Name of account: Eastes Inc Trust fund

Absa bank

Northcliff branch (Johannesburg)

Account number: 2840184350

Branch code: 334705

Please use the reference: appealvdbp

Please also email or sms us how much you are depositing so that we can keep track of funds.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ph/sms/whatsapp +27 822020617