Vlakfontein massacre 22 Sept 2017

The Workers International Vanguard League/Party condemns the state for massacring 9 people in Vlakfontein on Friday 22nd Sept 2017. If the state had provided adequate housing for all there would have been no need to occupy land. This land has been lying vacant for many years. The capitalist state has failed to provide the basic democratic demand for adequate housing for all. The little housing that has been built, has been in the apartheid group areas, that still exist today. The state used fascist band Wozani Security to massacre and clear the land.


Internationally, there is a stagnation of the economy. The only way that profits of monopoly capital is maintained is through scams and artificial means. One such scam is the deliberate scarcity of housing, maintaining the desperation of mass homelessness so that the banks can charge a premium for land and housing. That the government has no intention of building housing for all is reflected in the change of name from Ministry of Housing, to Human settlement. Year after year, billions of the housing allocation are left unspent by government. The banks are allowed to charge speculative prices for land and housing, completely artificial. If everyone had houses then the banks would never be able to charge such ridiculous prices for housing.


To maintain the scarcity of land the state, across all municipalities have established ‘anti land invasion’ units. These are nothing but armed fascist bands that use violence to keep the masses off vacant land. Without the support of the state and the banks, there would be no groups such as Wozani Security, which specializes in violent evictions. Just as was the case at the Marikana massacre, the murderers, were an alliance of right wing Afrikaner and African nationalism.  [Right wing farmers Johan Bosch, Dennis Klassen combine with Fuzile Balintulo and Buti Lesiela in control of Wozani Security]


There are 2,2 million households in informal settlements (about 7,3 million people). The government claims that ⅔ of these have toilets in their yards. This is misleading as often the same toilet is shared by 5 or more families. If we add the 7,9 million brick shacks (brick or block structures without flush toilets connected to the sewage), we have a total of 10,1 million households who live without the basic housing necessities, this is about 33,3 million people. [see http://www.workersinternational.org.za/index.php/sa-main-menu/polit-parties/why-we-do-not-support-the-anc , under the section on housing]


For the banks to maintain their profits, there has to be permanent mass homelessness. This is the role of the state, NOT to provide housing. If capitalism cannot provide our basic human needs, then let it perish. Forward to Socialism!


Workers and communities unite to form joint action committees

For self defence committees as part of the action committees

Mashaba must fall

EFF, break your alliance with the capitalist DA

Wozani Security and all anti-land invasion units must fall

Nationalise the land; no more profiteering from land and housing.

Expropriate the major construction companies and the banks, without compensation, and place these under workers control.

Adequate, free housing for all

Cosatu should break its alliance with the ANC and SACP

We need a new, revolutionary working class party.


Then we will really get Radical Economic Transformation. Now is the time.




Workers International Vanguard League/Party

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