Disband parliament - set up action committees

We condemn the wholesale removal of 20 Cabinet Ministers in the same vein as we condemn the policies of the ANC government. Parliament has shown itself incapable of holding Cabinet or the Presidency to account. Parliament approved of a false report on Nkandla; Parliament approved of cuts in pensions, they refused to raise the tax on company profits and refused to stop the imperialists from stealing trillions. As a result millions are dying early deaths due to poverty and exploitation. Free, decent housing for all is possible; free education, health care for all is possible. But the old and new Cabinet stand for the safeguarding of international monopoly capital. The World Bank is stealing the bread from our pensioners mouths; they are making illegal deductions from the 17 million grantholders; the government is supporting the World Bank’s efforts to steal from the impoverished throughout Africa.


We do not defend the old nor the new Cabinet. They are fighting over the crumbs from the imperialist table. We reject them both.


We support the call for work stoppages on every mine, factory, workplace at 11am today (31st March 2017) and going forward from today, we support the call for protests at parliament and the Union buildings but under our own slogans:


  • Disband parliament

  • Out with the old and new Cabinet- they must all go

  • Forward to a new, unfettered Constituent Assembly based on area representatives 1 per 20 000 people, subject to instant recall and no one should receive a salary or more than an average skilled worker


We call for the formation of action committees in every workplace and area. Let us set up co-ordination committees of delegates of these action committees.  


31st March 2017

Workers International Vanguard Party


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