Aleppo, the capital city of the resistance, has fallen

The genocidal forces of Bashar the dog and Putin mercilessly slaughtered the people of Aleppo

The generals of FSA and Al Nusra openly sold it out


USA freed the area and air space of Syria so that Al Assad and Putin, with their missiles and barrel bombs, demolish the Syrian cities and Aleppo in particular

The Reformist left isolated the Syrian masses from the world working class. Their war cry: "ISIS is the enemy"; while Al Assad with his mercenary forces under the command of Putin and Obama were crushing the heroic 2011/2012 workers and peasants revolution


Aleppo did not surrender! Aleppo was sold out!

With the defeat of Aleppo, it is clear the lies and infamies that in Syria there was an ongoing war between USA and Russia

When the last oppressed was being killed or expelled from Aleppo, Erdogan and Putin, under the command of Obama, announced a meeting in Kazakhstan to guarantee the "ceasefire" and a "democratic transition" in Syria

After the genocide, now everyone wants to impose the "cemetery peace"

Down with the pact of USA, Russia and Turkey!

The mercenary forces of Bashar and his allies Putin, Hezbollah and the Iranian Ayatollahs demolished our rebel Aleppo. They bombed houses, hospitals, water supply and electricity. After months of siege, bombing with explosive barrels, cluster bombs, chlorine gas and missiles, they ended up destroying all the buildings and houses where we lived. They slaughtered women, children and every man who came out in their way. We were forced to leave our houses and when we left, they entered and plundered them.

USA liberated the air space for these fascist forces so they could bomb with impunity. USA and Russia coordinated and gave each other the coordinates of all their attacks and air strikes. Even Obama saluted when Putin started bombing almost a year and a half ago. Obama claimed he supported the Syrian people, but the truth is that the only ones he supported were Al Assad and Putin so they could carry out genocide, as it is Obama's dirty work.

In Aleppo, the subjugated and rebels did not surrender. There was no lack of fighting or weaponry. Aleppo has fallen because it was sold out to Bashar's officers by the Sunnite bourgeois businessmen who are in command of FSA and Al Nusra, under Turkey's commands.


With Aleppo besieged and Al Assad at the doorstep, the officials of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) called to go away from Aleppo, to Al Bab, together with the Turkish army as it was doing a pantomime of "fighting against ISIS" in an operation called "Euphrates Shield".

In spite of and against the will of thousands and thousands of Syrian fighters that wanted to defeat Bashar and kick him out from every place of that city, in order to reach Damascus, these generals called to withdraw from the front and to be under the direct command of Erdogan, who never wanted to defeat Bashar, let alone help the Syrian people.

These generals and their officer's caste -very well paid and disciplined from Istanbul and Qatar- withdrew all the weaponry and resources from Aleppo. They sold us out from inside the city. They said that whoever doesn't follow them will remain with nothing. We saw many brothers with whom we were fighting in the battlefront together to burst in anger. These fighters of the FSA were seeking a way for the victory of the revolution against Bashar and they gave their lives for that, just as we. There were FSA fighters who were victims of lies and blackmails and left with these generals. But after a few days they realized the truth and they came back to Aleppo.

Therefore the Sunnite bourgeoisie left a handful of their generals in Aleppo, so that they could contain whoever refused to abandon the battlefront or returned. These generals were wolves guised as sheep. They were negotiating behind the scenes with the generals of Al Assad, while Erdogan, Putin and USA were organizing the fall and final sell-out of Aleppo.

The representatives of the Sunnite bourgeoisie "in the last hour" moved onto the side of the revolution in 2011/2013 in order to control the masses. Those were the ones that gave away the arsenals and weapons that the people got by breaking Al Assad's army. Now these generals "switched sides" or better is to say they went back where they always belonged: to the counterrevolutionary officers' caste of the Syrian army.

That was the role of Turkey and Qatar, also under the command of USA: to pose as supporters of the revolution and subjugate the fighters to them in order to sell the revolution out and close a notorious pact with Assad and his mercenary forces. Our worst prognostics and alerts on our comrades, all the fighters and exploited of Syria, tragically became true.

On the other hand, while Ahrar al Sham also left with Turkey to be part of their operation "Euphrates Shield", they refused to be part of the battle to break the siege of Aleppo, in moments when Bashar's forces were at the doorstep. Jabhat al Nusra (today "Jabhat al Fatah al Sham") didn't leave Aleppo battlefront. When the FSA generals left the city, they denounced them. Many of our honest revolutionary brothers fought under their banners, because they saw it as the organization fighting on the frontline against Bashar in Aleppo.

However, soon after we saw Abu Mohamed el Jolani (leader of Jabhat Al Nusra) with his council, to hold meetings in the "operation room". From there, they announced the plan for "full liberation of Aleppo". They used their credit and authority to convince everyone they would take care of it. A few days later, they declared "the siege cannot be broken" while the best of our comrades and fighters kept going to the front, to fight for the "full liberation of Aleppo" and they were left alone, without supplies or weapons, now by Al Nusra, and they were at the mercy of Russian and Bashar's forces. Many of our best fighters were killed in those clashes.

The generals of Al Nusra left to Idlib. They said that if they did so, the planes of Bashar and Russia will stop bombing. It was an excuse, as we see not even today the planes stopped bombing. The only thing they truly wanted was to take away their weapons, while the mercenaries of Bashar, Putin, Khamenei and Nasrallah were advancing each time more.

When these mercenary forces managed to penetrate the besieged area, the feeling of all of us confronting Bashar (whether from the FSA, Al Nusra, independent militias or rising people) was to come out to fight from beneath the rubbles and to march all together, even from all the rebel areas, to prevent the fall of Aleppo. That's why the generals of FSA and Al Nusra announced everywhere, even showing fake papers, that they would create a unified Army of Aleppo to "defend us". Nevertheless this resulted to be a huge lie, since with this they could sold out the city and move onto the side where they truly belong. The only unification of the unified "Army of Aleppo" was the unification of FSA officers (under Turkey's command) with Al Assad's.

This was not only denounced by us. It is being discussed and listened in the frozen tents of the refugee camps. It was recognized even by Abu Abdo, the one named leader of that "Army of Aleppo" for the last 14 days of resistance in the neighbourhoods of the rebel Aleppo. He said there has been an "international conspiracy" that was one cause for the fall of Aleppo. What was this "international conspiracy"? Turkey and Qatar removed their men from Aleppo and took them very far away, allowing the fall of the city.

It is nothing new. For weeks the people of Aleppo and their spokespersons were telling us things which we could prove: "don't believe a thing to the FSA, everything they say about their struggle is a lie".

We need to tell the truth: Aleppo was slaughtered by Al Assad with Putin and sold out from inside by Turkey and the corrupt FSA Al Nusra generals

Too much blood of the heroic fighters has been spilled in the revolutionary Syria. We cannot keep quiet or silent about the businessmen of the Sunnite bourgeoisie. They, assisted by their clerics, are millionaire men dressed as "opposition". They were much more afraid of the masses of armed workers and peasants than of Bashar's generals. With them they had and still have, even during the civil war, huge and profitable business deals. Just an example of this is the administration of water supply from Wadi Barada to Damascus. From the oil exports and other goods from the rebel areas to Turkey they collect dollars that are exchanged in Exchange Offices that are connected to the Central Bank of Damascus, from where they receive liras sent by Bashar, in order to have currency to make transactions in the Syrian domestic market.

The millionaire generals guised as "opposition" have more in common with Bashar for the business deals they have together than with the Syrian masses and the fight for freedom. They have no nation, no banner... they just defend their business deals.

All the oppressors, whatever side are them on, get united when they are terrified as they see starving armed workers and peasants, many times occupying with our families the houses that oligarchy and businessmen left empty as they ran away from the revolution. None of them were living in our neighbourhoods that were demolished by Al Assad's bombings and none of them are living now in the refugee camps in the tents under the snow of a cold winter. In our neighbourhoods we distributed among ourselves the little food we managed to get.

They fear because they know that if we get the guns we will get the bread. That's why they occupied and dissolved the coordination committees, the organs of dual power of the people and the rank and file soldiers, and they imposed the control of their army parties with money and weapons.

They have been conspiring for years in Geneva conferences, looking for an ending of a slaughtered Syria, a revolution drowned in blood and a pact in which the imperialist powers and them as local junior partners can split the loot of a colonized Syria.

This is the pact of Geneva between Putin, Obama, Al Assad, Turkey and their partners of Saudi Arabia. It is a pact to crush the revolution of the oppressed from outside and with the Sunnite bourgeois generals in the "opposition" giving it away from inside. This is what they did in Alepo and this is what they've done before in Daraya, Homs, Deraa and most of the rebel cities in Syria that we conquered in the first years of the revolution.

Now the generals of Al Assad, the FSA and Al Nusra are talking about a "ceasefire" followed by talks in a conference in Kazakhstan, under the leadership of Russia and Turkey. The revolution has suffered a deadly blow with the fall of Alepo, the last of the rebel strongholds. Now they discuss their "peace". In Kazakhstan conference between USA, their paid killers of white Russia, Turkey and other imperial powers, they will split the business deals of a Syria drowned in blood. The transition has started and they are discussing what's it in for each one. Syria will be shared among them and they will try to slaughter us and place us in concentration camps. This is the meaning of their peace... the peace of the cemeteries.

The oppressors, the bourgeois camarillas of the oil companies, those of Erdogan and those shameless of Moscow are rubbing their hands for the construction of Turkish Stream oil pipe. It will go from Siberia, it will collect the oil from Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey and from there it will go to the Mediterranean Sea and Europe. Meanwhile we will be confined to concentration camps... to be as slaves... under the snow and the cold winter or hit by the huge heat of the summer.

We who fight and left our lives in this heroic revolution don't accept neither the meetings nor pacts made behind the backs of the people, let alone the peace of the cemeteries of Obama-Putin-Erdogan!

The revolution was made by the poor and the oppressed and it was sold out and smashed by the oppressors!

The revolution is not over yet... it is the beginning of the workers and peasants resistance. We keep our weapons!

The struggle is for bread and the solution is to expropriate the bankers and war lords, politicians and traders and everyone who got rich in these 5 years in which we suffered misery, at the expense of our sweat and blood. This is where money and the funds to bankroll the revolution, the exploited masses and the fighters are! Otherwise, Erdogan and the bourgeoisies of Qatar and Saudi Arabia will blackmail with their "aid" to impose their policy of selling out the revolution and share the business deals with Al Assad and Putin gangs.

The only authority we recognize is that of the coordination committees and the self organization of the broad majority of the population and the subjugated people, which is not willing to let such a betrayal to the revolution go through. The one that wants to collaborate and be in solidarity with the Syrian revolution should contribute to the coordination committees in each city, village and rebel province. Those should be the ones coordinating and centralizing the fighting brigades against Al Assad. This is the only guarantee for the rebel forces not to get more divided and for nobody to try to use a single fighter as a sell-out of our revolution and his own people.

The first step should be: If a general goes to the Kazakhstan conference he will be expelled from the resistance! They want to impose their peace of the cemeteries on us. They don't represent us!

Tribunals made of workers, militia men and poor peasants to judge and punish all the bourgeois generals that sold out Alepo!

The Sunnite clerics, supporters of this treacherous policy of the bourgeoisie, took advantage of our good intentions, beliefs and cultural customs to justify the rendition. In Syria there is a revolution and we are the ones who did it, the poor and dispossessed, those who don't have even a cent to buy bread. We won't surrender and we keep on resisting against those who fill their pockets with dollars and steal our houses and belongings as war loot.

Out with the traitors from the resistance!

The Syrian revolution hasn't been defeated. As long as one of us lives, the revolution will never die.

From Leon Sedov Brigade, we declare:

1. Aleppo was sold out by the Sunnite bourgeoisie in all its features, whether secular or religious, in a notorious pact with Al Assad, Russia and Turkey. They hid hundreds of tanks and thousands of missiles and artillery weaponry, which were later given to the army of mercenaries of Bashar. As the people in Aleppo denounced, they sold even the surface-to-air heat-seeking missiles, the ones we needed to bring down the war planes. They kept their dollars in their pockets and left, leaving us at the mercy of the airstrikes. They left to Idlib or Al Bab, under Turkey's orders.

2. The generals of Al Assad, FSA and Al Nusra know each other. They are all businessmen and have plenty of things in common. From the checkpoints, they were dedicated to trade and business, while we were fighting and dying for bread and freedom. This is why the revolution could only succeed if we, workers, peasants and rank and file soldiers that truly fought to defeat Bashar led it. We relentlessly fight for the coordination committees to work with direct democracy while those army parties of bourgeois generals came to disband them.


3. Our brothers and sisters of the Kurdish subjugated people were sold out by the YPG-PKK, monitored by the US, in a pact they made with Al Assad against the revolution... They were used to split the military front we used to have against Bashar. Now, they are throwing them away as we see in the agreements between Turkey and Russia and Al Assad, where they are not allowed to be part of Kazakhstan conferences. Erdogan took Al Bab and isolated the northern Kurdish cantons, while he escalated the attack on the Kurdish people in Turkey and the Iranian Ayatollahs keep a bayonet to their necks to control them.

The YPG-PKK has abandoned the struggle for national self determination of the Kurdish people long time ago. Now they are on their knees negotiating an "autonomy" in Syria, with the headquarters of Al Assad and USA controlling them.

4. Meanwhile, the reformist left sold out the Syrian revolution to its executioners. Some of them openly supported those war criminals Bashar and Putin. Others did it indirectly by supporting PKK-YPG which are in a pact with them. And some others supported the Sunnite bourgeoisie and those traitor generals of the FSA.

However, all of them were united in one single cry: "ISIS is the enemy"... This is what they said all over the world and with this they left Al Assad, Russia and USA with their hands free to kill and smash our revolution.

They reproduced the islamophobic imperialist propaganda in order to hide the massacre of Bashar and the revolution also. This way, we were isolated from the world working class while imperialism sent us all their counterrevolutionary agents. They made us, who were fighting for surviving in a decent life, to appear before the world as "religious jihadist terrorists".


The defeat we suffered was not because of the strength of Al Assad and his mercenaries, who didn't resist a single mass offensive. It was defeated for now as it was isolated from the solidarity and support of the exploited and oppressed of the world by a treacherous left, servant of Wall Street, the imperialist butchers of the Fifth French Republic, of the Spanish Borbons that supplied the Russian navy and warplanes, etc. The trash left from the government in Greece took thousands and thousands of our brothers and sisters and put them in concentration camps, while they all abandoned our women and children in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Spanish Podemos didn't move a finger nor did they denounce the supply to the Russian navy from the coasts of Spain which then came to bomb our houses. They denounced there was the "third world war" between USA and Russia in Syria, while the counterrevolutionary mercenary forces of Putin got supplies from NATO military bases in the Mediterranean Sea.


Others, as Castro or Chavez, visited Iran or sent officers to collaborate with the mercenary troops of Bashar... all of these on behalf of the left and the working class.

After they did all these... they cry about the "political and religious backwardness" of our comrades, when those truly responsible for this "backwardness" are these corrupt traitors paid by the capital to keep their business deals across the globe.

5. Victory was a need and far more than possible. We have proven this an infinite number of times and we would've succeeded if it weren't for the treacherous leaderships.

In 2011/2012, with mass demonstrations in every city; we broke Bashar's army. We took control of 80% of Syria and Bashar the dog was reduced to some small squares in Damascus. We even reached the doorstep of the presidential palace. But the FSA put all its forces to stop our offensive, to control it and to make us retreat, with the excuse of a "tactical withdrawal".


In 2013 we freed the entire province of Raqa in two days. A little bit later that year, an insurrection in Damascus broke out. Imperialism sent its servants of the Shiite bourgeoisie of Iran and Lebanon to reinforce Bashar so his regime wouldn't fall, while the FSA isolated and sold out the fights in Damascus and Qusair. After that, we saw Jabhat al Nusra coming, in order to reinforce the control of the Sunnite bourgeoisie in the free areas and later ISIS, as the fifth column, to smash the revolution from inside in Raqa and Deir ez Zor.


In 2015 our brothers refugees arrived in Europe and broke the siege of silence and slanders imposed by the reformist left. This strengthened our fight in Syria and we could advance to take over Idlib city (which was under Bashar's control) some more areas in Alepo, Latakia and the FSA couldn't contain any more the masses in the Palestinian camp Yarmouk (in Damascus) who started fighting only a few blocks away from the presidential palace.

That's why Obama sent the counterrevolutionary murderous army of Putin to ruthlessly kill; while in Europe, since France's self-attack in Paris on November 13th, the leftists parties repeated as talking parrots the imperialist propaganda of islamophobia, in order to isolate us and let us alone facing this massacre.


In the first months of 2016, Russia and USA made a fake "ceasefire" to massively bomb Aleppo and all the rebel towns. This massacre was so brutal that they even bombed the refugee camp in Sarmada, near the Turkish border, unleashing the anger and rage of all of us, because we saw we were not allowed even to be refugees in our own land.

Our response was at the beginning of May 2016 with an insurrection in Khantoman (southern suburbs of Aleppo) as we saw that was the way to break the recently imposed siege on the city. Seeing such an insurrection, Al Nusra generals rushed to place themselves at the front and tried to control it. Their generals tried to divide us in multiple small battles in distant isolated towns.

But the anger was stronger. They were starting to lose their control. We organized demonstrations to the barracks and armory of FSA to recover the weapons they were hiding from us. We started to expropriate factories, such as Aqab textile in Urem al Kubra, where the workers got self-organized, kicked out the manager and placed it under their control. The FSA went with the owner of the factory and condemned the expropriation. They even marked the coordinates for the Russian warplanes to bomb it.


In July that year, moved by unprecedented sufferings, starvation and to end with the massacre, we made an insurrection in the entire city of Alepo, in both, the rebel neighbourhoods and those under Bashar's occupation. We ended up taking over the centre of the city and forcing Bashar's mercenary forces to retreat. We took over their headquarters, and some embassy buildings. We even threatened to expropriate the most important banks. Once again the leadership of FSA, instead of putting all their weapons and forces to support this victory in order to advance, they used all of them to retreat from this action and positions we took claiming that "there are no conditions to keep those new positions" and thus imposed a withdrawal.



Nevertheless, this didn't stop our rage and desire to free Aleppo, to recover our homes, to expel the mercenary troops of Bashar and continue our march to Damascus so that after defeating the dog we would unite with our Palestinian brothers and sisters in Jerusalem.

So as part of this July offensive we grouped our forces in Khantoman. From there on, we launched a new counteroffensive in which we ended up taking over the artillery base in Ramusa and breaking the siege on Alepo in the first days of August of 2016.

We even reached where no bourgeois leadership wanted us to reach... to the doorstep of one of the richest neighbourhoods of Aleppo called Hamdaniya, where the high Syrian bourgeoisie lives, whether they are from Bashar supporters or the "opposition". However, when they saw the oppressed breaking in the luxurious buildings of the bourgeoisie, Turkey and the high command of the FSA started to threaten all of us so we didn't advance. We pay no attention to their threats and we were about a thousand, coming from different brigades and also from the ranks of FSA and Al Nusra and we entered to that neighbourhood. We split up in 2 groups of 500 each. US imperialism sent its high technology drones and attacked the group that was in the front. To seek shelter in the building was useless, because of the high tech equipment they used. This attacked left nearly 450 of us out of combat and we were forced to retreat. Once again it was clear that all the owner classes in Syria, even in the middle of the civil war, even if they wanted business for themselves in a partitioned Syria, had a clear idea: they were all working together to disarm the masses and prevent them from defeating Al Assad in Damascus, putting into question the private property of the oppressors. Some of them, like Bashar the dog, did it with a policy of annihilation of the revolution and some others disorganizing it from within.

Hundreds of revolutionary offensive attempts like this one were made by tens of thousands of fighters of the Syrian revolution, as the heroic resistance of 4 years in Daraya, the decisive fight of the people in Qusair who resisted 3 months after the generals of FSA left and isolated the town, or the untamable Homs, who was named by the fascists of Al Assad as a "7 headed hydra" because it was taken and retaken by the masses over and over again, among others.

A thousand attempts and they were disorganized from inside. When this wasn't enough, they sent the counterrevolutionary forces of ISIS which came with a sword in their hands and managed to impose themselves in the provinces of Raqa and Deir ez Zor, while trying to crush the revolutionary insurrections of the masses in Fallujah and Mosul against the US protectorate government in Iraq. ISIS ended up being part of the siege on the rebel Aleppo as well as the YPG, which from Sheikh Maqsood neighbourhood opened a corridor with the generals of Al Assad for the masses to surrender.

All of them besieged the rebel Aleppo and caused this huge defeat of the Syrian revolution. We have to tell the truth to the masses of the world, even if it is bitter, because starting from the truth we can group our forces.

It was clear that all of them were united to prevent our victory.

6. The bourgeois generals, occupying the assemblies of the coordination committees and replacing them with military operation rooms, sold out the fights while their clerics manipulated the beliefs of the people to justify them. They made business deals while brave fighters, even under the banners of FSA or Jabhat al Nusra were giving their lives to defeat Al Assad. Filling their pockets was the only thing they were interested on, because they are bourgeois. They weren’t there to defeat Assad’s army. Both have made business together during the war. They filled their pockets with dollars. Now they are getting ready to end our revolution, which they never wanted in the first place.

With a bourgeois leadership of the civil war there was no possible victory, because this is a revolution. As such, we win it by expropriating the capitalists, by getting houses for all the refugees, the land for the poor peasants and bread and freedom for all the exploited, getting united with our class brothers and sisters from other countries and oppressed nationalities such as the Kurds.

7. The Syrian revolution was a link of a single chain of revolutions in Maghreb and Middle East. This is where all counterrevolutionary forces got together to cut this chain in once place. The genocide, the destruction of cities, so many refugees were because it was not only about crushing a Syrian revolution, but a revolution of the entire region and chastise the entire world working class to see what will happen to them if they “dare” to rise for bread against the bourgeois states and question the interests of imperialism.

8. With the pact between Russia and Turkey, imperialism re-established a strong counterrevolutionary control device in one of the hottest unstable spots of the planet after the revolutions that broke out in 2011. Zionism was without firepower because if it did, it would unite all the masses against it. US imperialism had to withdraw from Iraq because of the heroic resistance and the fight of our class brothers and sisters inside USA which prevented that imperialist bourgeoisie to go to new wars. The heads of Mubarak, Ben Ali and Qadafy rolled through the desert. This Russia-Turkey pact is the new gendarme of the muslim republics in Eurasia and Middle East.

9. They announced a “ceasefire” which was once again a lie and cover for Bashar to continue his massacre. For the transition they’ve called, they have to unarm the masses before they can implement it. They still have to impose a regime of domination that is stable for their business deals. That’s why they keep on killing in the rebel areas there still are around Damascus, such as Ghouta and Wadi Barada, the first an industrial centre  and secondly a water spring that supplies Damascus city and surrounds with drinking water.


Due to Bashar and Hezbollah bombings, that water spring was damaged and the entire city of Damascus is out of water. This means that during all these years of civil war, in which Wadi Barada was under control of the bourgeois generals of FSA, they have been providing drinking water to Bashar. This is a clear example of the business deals these generals had together with Al Assad, supplying him as well. Damascus, his military bases where his murderous troops are and the airports from where the warplanes depart to bomb us every day have always had water. The FSA generals never cut the water supply to the government or the foreign mercenary troops that kill us. They could’ve even call for an insurrection in Damascus, cutting off the water supply to the bourgeois neighbourhoods and not to those fighting against that dog. But it is obvious that this program would’ve never been possible by a bourgeois general.

10. We are not part of the demonstrations that have been happening every Friday in the areas that are not under Bashar’s control, led by the generals of the FSA under the slogan “let’s unite into a single force” in moments in which this “single force” signed the agreement for the peace of the cemeteries and is ready to go to the meeting in Kazakhstan. Those demonstrations are to integrate and legitimize the transition they want to do from the meetings in Kazakhstan and the regime they seek to impose from there, on the basis of the genocide. We are with the resistance to defeat Bashar the dog and all those who are allied to that genocidal agent and to conquer the demands of the revolution of bread and freedom.

11. Once again it is clear that without a successful workers and peasants revolution there will be no bread or land or freedom or national independence. And that’s the big lesson of the revolutions that shook the region from Tunis to El Cairo, from Yemen to Syria, from Libya to Morocco.

So much betrayal, genocide and plundering won’t remain unpunished. The murderers, the ones that sold out the revolution and those who betrayed it won’t have peace until the Syrian people gets bread, justice and freedom. From the refugee camps, from every place where a militia men lives or wherever a Syrian is exploited THERE WILL BE RESISTANCE!


Down with the rendition pact of Putin, Erdogan and USA!

Smash the fascist forces of Al Assad! Out with all the foreign troops from Syria, starting from the Russian, the Iraqi, Iranian, Lebanese and all those supporting Al Assad!

Out with Turkey and USA from Syria! They are there for the people not to defeat Bashar the dog.

We don’t delegate the revolution on anyone! The bourgeois generals of the FSA don’t represent their heroic fighters. Let the weapons return to the people! Let’s build up again the coordination committees with direct democracy!

The fight is for a free Syria of workers and peasants! Only in this Syria and as part of this fight the Kurdish people will be able to get even their right to national self-determination, bringing down the pact that the PKK made with Bashar.

We make a call to all those who haven’t surrendered, those who want to recover their houses, all those who are still on their feet to avenge the loss of their beloved ones, those who still fight for bread and freedom, all our brothers with whom we shared the battlefront and our daily fight for the victory of the Syrian revolution.

We make a call to the subjugated Kurds who really want to fight for the right of self determination for the whole Kurdish people, whether they are in Syria, under the boot of Erdogan in Turkey or subjugated by the Iranian theocracy bayonets in Iran.

We make a call to those who suffer the hard winter in refugee camps.

To all of you we call you to group our forces together against those who want to sell out the blood of our martyrs in a negotiation table in Kazakhstan in order to fill their pockets while we don’t have anything to eat.

From the revolutionary committees of the Syrian revolution and Leon Sedov Brigade we make a call to set up the power of the oppressed, the ones from below, those who truly made this great revolution, which today is under blood.

Out with Al Assad!

Down with the counterrevolutionary pact of Turkey, Russia, USA and Kazakhstan Conference!

For a revolutionary Syria of workers and peasants!

For a Revolutionary Free Sovereign National Assembly that coordinates and centralizes the resistance of the Syrian people, so that our nation is not subjugated to the counterrevolutionary fascist forces of Bashar and the colony pact between Turkey, Russia and USA!

From each refugee camp, from each barricade, from each battlefront, from each rebel neighbourhood, from each factory, school or town who entered to the fight for the revolution, we have to elect delegates (one each ten thousand inhabitants) to make a Syrian National Assembly, which would be more democratic and more representative that the meeting of parasite bourgeois of Kazakhstan.

The first tasks it would have will be:

· To impose the defeat of Al Assad in Damascus and to judge and punish all his generals for war criminals, under workers and popular tribunals.

· The result of this defeat will be the withdrawal of all the invader troops of Syria, starting by the mercenaries and occupation troops of Al Assad.

· To disregard every agreement or tutoring of our nation by imperialist powers of the world; to discharge every pact such as that of Geneva or Kazakhstan that started to distribute business deals of our tormented nation.

· We will fight for a Revolutionary National Assembly that expresses self organization and democracy of those from below, that is to say, the broad majority of our people, in order to recover all the forces and productive capacity of Syria, the banks, oil, energy, to win the war and FOR OUR STARVING PEOPLE TO GET THEIR HOUSES AND LIVING WITH DIGNITIY.

· We fight for a Revolutionary National Assembly that organizes all the rebel forces of Syria in a common offensive under the command of the organizations of delegates and direct representatives of the exploited of the country… the only one that can coordinate and centralize all the military forces of the exploited of Syria to cut the head off the snake which is in Damascus.

We call to unify our forces in the whole world… to all the workers and militant organizations to stand up with our revolution. All the counterrevolutionary forces that succeed here will be much stronger to crush in every place somebody rise against them.


Thousands and thousands of fighters of the revolution refused to surrender and we don’t recognize or will ever recognize as leaders those who give away the blood of our martyrs in Kazakhstan. Hundreds of thousands of our people are being confined to concentration camps in Europe, where they are treated the same way Al Assad treats the refugees inside the Syrian borders. They have also self organized and are getting the solidarity of hundreds of struggle organizations of the European workers.

We have seen several workers organizations of the world to start to stand up for our revolution… like the Factory Workers Union of La Paz, Bolivia, transport workers platform EMT of Madrid or teacher’s union CNTE in Mexico. We call them and all the workers and militant organizations to take part of this conference for in Syria there is a battle of the whole world working class underway.

We know that thousands of Syrian residents abroad have collaborated with our revolution from the start. They have taken up its banner and took it all over the world to have solidarity.

There are already forces for our revolution not to die. That’s why we call to set up an Organizing Committee to break the siege, give solidarity and make the Syrian revolution stand up again.

We call the Turkish working class, which today is under the jackboot of Erdogan, to rise for the opening of the borders, to impose the retreat of the Turkish troops from Syria and to unite the fight in Syria and Turkey for equal pay for equal work. Millions of Syrian workers are slave workers inside Turkey, just as the Kurdish people and the broad majority of the Turkish working class. Those are the most important working class battalions to fight for bread and freedom, defeating the murderers Bashar and Putin, which are in a pact with Erdogan.

Open the borders of Turkey with Syria so the international solidarity can get to the Syrian masses and the resistance can be supplied!

Today we see our allies of the Iranian working class to rise against the Ayatollahs. They are also starved and repressed, such as we are killed by that murderous theocracy. Iran is not our enemy. Ayatollahs and their counterrevolutionary guard are our enemies! The Iranian masses fighting against them are our allies!

We call you to retake your best traditions of fighting, such as the 1979 revolution against Sha Reza Pahlevi and take to the streets for bread and stop the murderous war machine of Ayatollahs.

We also call the Russian workers and oppressed to march for the defeat of the genocide generals of Putin, because if they succeed in Syria they won’t hesitate to do the same with all the workers and subjugated people in the Big Russia.

We call the US and European working class to take to the streets to stop the war machine. When Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq in 2001 and 2003 used the pretext of terrorism and generated islamophobia to justify his counterrevolutionary adventures. Today, his massacre in our region continues under the same pretext of terrorism, using islamophobia, but this time they send their agents to do their dirty work.

The US workers have suffered what Bush victorious invasions meant: they’ve lost their houses, their cars and many can still barely eat thanks to the 3 dollar a day food coupon. The same thing happened in France, after the self attacks of November 13th and islamophobia, an immigrant camp in Calais was evicted and then they took off the historical gain of the working class of having 35 working hours a week. To fight for the opening of the borders and for full rights for the refugees is a main task for the European working class.

To stop the war machine in the imperialist centres is an immediate task for our class brothers and sisters in Europe and USA. Their governments arm and command those who kill us in Syria and the whole Middle East.

The Palestinian masses have suffered in their own flesh this counterrevolutionary advance of imperialism, Russia and Al Assad against our people in Syria, as in the massacre of the Palestinian refugee camp in Yarmouk (Damascus).

The more cities were taken by Bashar and his mercenary forces, together with Hezbollah and the Iranian guard, the more Zionism let them happen in order to focus in killing and attacking the Palestinian nation.

Over 500 000 Palestinian lost their houses only in the year 2016. They were brutally demolished by the housing plan of the Zionist settlers inside the Palestinian nation. The Palestinian Authority gave its solidarity to Al Assad, therefore taking the Palestinian people to the grave.

It is time to centralize and unify a single intifada, to succeed in Damascus expelling the invader troops and Zionism, the occupier of the Palestinian nation. The fight for recovering a Free Revolutionary Syria of Workers and Peasants is the same fight for the destruction of the Zionist-fascist state of Israel.

We need to re-take the revolution that started in 2011 in Tunisia and by expelling USA from Iraq in 2008! For a Free Secular Democratic Non Racist Palestine from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea, over the basis of destroying the Zionist-fascist state of Israel!

One single intifada from Damascus to Jerusalem, from Teheran to El Cairo and Tripoli!

The revolutionary socialists of the Syrian revolution, who are part of our tormented people and their sacrificed fighters, will fight to convince the most honest and militant fighters of Syria that bread and freedom will be completely guaranteed by setting up a workers and peasants revolutionary government, which sees our revolution as a link of a single revolution of the exploited in the whole Maghreb and Middle East against imperialism.

Leon Sedov Brigade